Easy Merchant Services

Allow your customers to hold crypto and withdraw crypto to fiat on your platform using Wyre.

For Merchants, Processors and Point-of-Sale Solutions

If you are operating or launching a payment processing gateway or point-of-sale solution, your merchant users can accept crypto and off-ramp any supported combination of fiat and crypto using Wyre.


Implementation Steps

  1. Create a Wallet for your users to hold crypto.
  2. Use Transfers to withdraw crypto to a connected bank.
  3. Connect a Bank to receive fiat payouts.

Step 1 - Creating Wallets

Once a new user registers on your platform, create a wallet for that user. This user is under your control, and stored on Wyre. To the end user, they only ever see your brands look/feel. Not Wyre.

Wallets are used to custody crypto on your platform. Each wallet generates new BTC and ETH addresses. Wyre can support a number of ERC20 tokens using the same ETH address. View the Supported Currencies.

It is possible to create wallets in three categories, DEFAULT, ENTERPRISE and SAVINGS. If your app or users would benefit from holding crypto and earning interest, consider creating a Savings Wallet wallet. Contact sales to activate the SAVINGS feature and discuss interest rates.


Creating Wallets:

  • Create wallets for your merchant users. Include your custom 'name' of the wallet.
  • Save the returned identifier that gets generated in the response as this will be used later to create transfers.
  • Note, Algorand and Flow address require using the blockchain/attach endpoint in order to 'opt-in' to these networks.

Step 2 - Accepting Incoming Crypto Transfers

Once a new merchant or user has a wallet they are ready to start accepting crypto transfers from other users.


Wallet callbacks

  • Use our callbacks to receive Wallet Balance Updates.
  • In the case of transfers receiving from external wallets we will provide the network transaction Id.

Step 3 - Creating a Payment Method

Once a new merchant user has a wallet, you can create a Payment Methods to offramp crypto by bank transfer.


Connecting a Bank:

  • Connect a Create Payment Method
  • Set the "chargeablePM" parameter to "false." This makes the payment only available for receiving funds.
  • When setting "chargeablePM: false" the payment method status will remain "AWAITING_FOLLOWUP." This allows you to bypass the bank statement upload requirement.
  • If you set "chargeablePM: true" or leave at the default setting a bank statement upload will be required.
  • Save the returned identifier that gets generated in the response as this will be used later to create transfers.

Step 4 - Creating Off-Ramp Transfers

Once you have a payment method created you can offramp funds using the Create Transfer endpoint. Both crypto to fiat can be off-ramped as determined by the dest, sourceCurrency, and destCurrency parameters .



  • The merchant user can create a Transfer to push funds from their wallet to their connected payment method.


To see the full list of required parameters for a transfer click here.