Checkout - Hosted URL


The Wyre Checkout Hosted URL will be loaded in a browser or webview window. To load the Checkout WIdget you will need to create a Wallet Order Reservation.

Wyre Checkout Widget - Hosted URL

Wyre’s Checkout Debit Card Widget is the simplest way to add fiat-to-crypto into your web or mobile application.

Create a Wallet Order Reservation and redirect your browser or web-view to the returned URL in the Wallet Order Reservation Response.

After initiating a purchase, users will be taken to a processing view as the payment is being completed. This process takes a bit of time. Once Wyre has initiated a blockchain transaction, the user will be taken to the Purchase Completed view which will display information about the completed transaction.

You can retrieve additional information for a new purchase, including the blockchain transaction hash, by submitting a GET request to the following URL:[transferId]/track

Users will be shown the following payment methods based on the browser they are using:
Apple Pay
Safari for macOS Sierra (v12.1.2) or iOS 10 (v602.1)

Getting Wallet Order Updates

To track Wallet Order and Transfer updates, please check Wyre Checkout Installation .