Crypto Auto-Liquidating Address

Wyre enables our partners to connect a payment method - like a bank account - to any of the blockchains we support. The endpoint would give the payment method its own blockchain addresses for instant liquidation. Any funds sent to this address will be instantly and automatically converted and liquidated.

Available Blockchains for Auto-Liquidation

Avalanche C-ChainAVAXC

** For auto-liquidation on Loopring, a new wallet will not be automatically spun up. A source address must be included.

You can attach a blockchain to a payment method in two instances:

1.) You may attach a blockchain when initially creating payment methods by supplying a request parameter attachBlockchains as an array of currencies, or ALL for all presently available.

     "paymentMethodType": "INTERNATIONAL_TRANSFER",
     "paymentType": "LOCAL_BANK_WIRE",
     "currency": "MXN",
     "country": "MX",
     "beneficiaryType": "INDIVIDUAL",
     "firstNameOnAccount": "Raul",
     "lastNameOnAccount": "Reyes",
     "accountNumber": "1234567890123",
     "clabe": "123412341200000000",
     "chargeablePM": false,
  1. You may also attach the blockchains to existing payment methods with this endpoint.
     "muteMessages": true,
     "blockchain": "BTC,ETH,XLM,AVAX,ALGO",
     "notifyUrl": ""

All standard transfer limits apply to these liquidations. If these limitations are violated for any reason, the funds will instead be routed to the account which created the payment methods. The credited balance to the account will be in the original blockchain currency.

Tracking Liquidation Events

It is possible to transfer crypto funds from a third party wallet directly to a Liquidation Address. In order to capture this type of transfer event you will need to subscribe to paymentmethod webhooks.