Wyre offers a powerful JSON REST API that supports a range of financial, cryptocurrency, and identity services. It can move money around, broker exchanges, validate KYC/AML information, and transfer to/from traditional banking systems all while remaining compliant. We offer five sets of distinct API functionality:

  • Accounts: Manage balances and KYC data of individuals
  • Transfers: Move and exchange funds
  • Wallets: Track ledger balances within the main account
  • Payment Methods: Link external accounts for access to funds - banks, cards, etc.
  • Rates: Get up-to-date exchange rates

To foster a better development experience for our partners, we offer a test environment in addition to production. Any transfers made in the test environment will never hit the actual blockchain network or incur any fees.

Getting Started

Read the documentation
We recommend that you read the API documentation and familiarize yourself with the different API functions and calls so you can get the most out of the Wyre API!

Contact our sales team
Contact us at [email protected] so we can verify that our solution will satisfy your business needs.

Connect with engineering support
Wyre will provide you with a dedicated support channel to address your questions as you integrate.

Register a production account
Once testing has completed, you can register a live account. You must go through the entire on-boarding and verification process before you are allowed to send funds.

Go live!

JSON Interface

The Wyre API uses JSON objects within a REST-like URI and method structure. The HTTP methods GET, POST, and DELETE are used for querying, sending, and deleting, respectively.

Successful API responses will have a status of 200 if there is a payload, or 204 if there is not. Any status code 300 or greater indicates a problem occurred - see Errors for more information.

The following table defines the status codes you may receive from our API:

HTTP Status Code



Successful, with response data as defined by the Content-Type header. Usually JSON


Successful, no response data


Failure. Access denied


Failure. There was a problem with your request


Failure. There was an unexpected problem with our system

During troubleshooting, please note that if your error response does not follow the previously mentioned format, the error is most likely due to a different endpoint.

Webhooks / Callbacks

As an alternative to polling, you may wish to receive realtime notifications when certain objects change. These can be created automatically when transfers are initiated, as well as directly for other kinds of objects by using the Subscribe Webhook endpoint.

Legacy Documentation

If you are looking for our legacy docs, check out our v2 API documentation.