Error Codes

Successful requests will return a HTTP 200 response and may or may not include a response body, depending on the request endpoint.

Whenever a problem occurs, Wyre will respond to the client using a 4xx or 5xx status code. In this case, the body of the response will be an exception object which describes the problem. All
4xx status codes indicate a problem with your request, while a 5xx status code indicates an internal problem with our systems.

All exceptions come equipped with an exception ID (the exceptionId field). If you require
support, please supply this exception identifier to assist our support team in locating your issue.

The following table describes the fields included in the returned JSON exception:

exceptionIdA unique identifier for this exception. This is very helpful when contacting support
typeThe category of the exception. See below.
errorCodeA more granular specification than type
messageA human-friendly description of the problem
languageIndicates the language of the exception message
transientIn rare cases, an exception may signal true here to indicate a transient problem. This means the request can be safely re-attempted

An example JSON representation of an AccessDeniedException:

    "language": "en",
    "exceptionId": "TLFN89",
    "errorCode": "accessDenied.invalidSession",
    "message": "Invalid Session",
    "type": "AccessDeniedException",
    "transient": false

Error Types

Exception TypeDetailsHTTP Status Code
ValidationExceptionThe action failed due to problems with the request.400
InsufficientFundsExceptionYou requested the use of more funds in the specified currency than were available400
AccessDeniedExceptionYou lack sufficient privilege to perform the requested action401
TransferExceptionThere was a problem completing your transfer request400
MFARequiredExceptionAn MFA action is required to complete the request. In general you should not get this exception while using API keys400
CustomerSupportExceptionPlease contact us at [email protected] to resolve this!400
NotFoundExceptionYou referenced something that could not be located404
RateLimitExceptionYour requests have exceeded your usage restrictions. Please contact us if you need this increased429
AccountLockedExceptionThe account has had a locked placed on it for potential fraud reasons.

The customer should contact Wyre support for follow-up.
LockoutExceptionThe account or IP has been blocked due to detected malicious behavior403
UnknownExceptionA problem with our services internally. This should rarely happen500