Wyre offers a comprehensive and versatile KYC system, allowing partners to choose the right implementation type and KYC scope (requirements) for them. Some type of user KYC is required for Swaps, Bank Transfers (onramps only) and higher light Card Payments.

Note: standard credit/debit card transactions and wallets do not require KYC.

KYC Scopes

User KYC in approvals exist in the context of scopes. As end-user requirements differ across Wyre services, scopes are used to enable the API based on the specific use case.

Call Get User using the 'scopes' query parameter to check the User's status for a given service.



User Query Param


For Payouts user's must have submitted and approved Name, Address, and Date of Birth.
Email and/or phone recommended.


ACH (onramps / incoming)

For bank transfer onramps, full KYC including ID and bank account verification.


Level 2 Cards

For higher limit card purchases, full KYC including ID verification.



Frictionless swaps! No personal data required.


Integration options

Use our hosted checkout solution for the easiest KYC solution around. User KYC is built in to our crypto purchase flow, including Plaid if you want to offer ACH onramps. You can tokenize the ACH payment details and enable one-click purchasing later on.

KYC Only Onboarding Link

Hosted pages strictly for user KYC, in this case you would implement the card payment or bank transfer UX separately on your own.

White Label KYC

The partner hosts all the UX and sends us the user data for KYC assessment. This is for partners that want the most control and are okay taking on additional complexity. Note, this solution is currently only available for ACH onramp transactions.