Payment Network Error Codes

Payment Provider ISO 8583 Error Codes

The following table contains all the processor ISO 8583 error codes returned by the Wyre API in the Wallet Order paymentNetworkErrorCode.

ISO_8583_00Approved or completed successfully
ISO_8583_01Refer to card issuer
ISO_8583_02Refer to card issuers special conditions
ISO_8583_03Invalid merchant OR Invalid merchant or service provider
ISO_8583_05Do not honor
ISO_8583_06General error
ISO_8583_07Pick-up card, special conditions
ISO_8583_08Honor with identification
ISO_8583_09Request in progress
ISO_8583_10Approved for partial amount
ISO_8583_11Approved (VIP)
ISO_8583_12Invalid transaction
ISO_8583_13Invalid amount
ISO_8583_14Invalid card number (no such number)
ISO_8583_15No such issuer
ISO_8583_16Approved, update track 3
ISO_8583_17Customer cancellation, reversal (unsupported)
ISO_8583_18Customer dispute, chargeback (future)
ISO_8583_19Re-enter transaction
ISO_8583_20Invalid response
ISO_8583_21No action taken, reversal (unsupported)
ISO_8583_22Suspected malfunction, reversal (unsupported)
ISO_8583_23Unacceptable transaction fee
ISO_8583_24File update not supported by receiver
ISO_8583_25Unable to locate record on file
ISO_8583_26Duplicate file update record, no action
ISO_8583_27File update field edit error
ISO_8583_28File update record locked out
ISO_8583_29File update not successful, contact acquirer
ISO_8583_30Format error (may also be a reversal)
ISO_8583_31Bank not supported by switch
ISO_8583_32Completed partially, reversal (unsupported)
ISO_8583_33Expired card, pick-up
ISO_8583_34Suspected fraud, pick-up
ISO_8583_35Card acceptor contact acquirer, pick-up
ISO_8583_36Restricted card, pick-up
ISO_8583_37Card acceptor call acquirer security, pick-up
ISO_8583_38Allowable PIN tries exceeded, pick-up
ISO_8583_39No credit account
ISO_8583_40Requested function not supported
ISO_8583_41Lost card, pick-up
ISO_8583_42No universal account
ISO_8583_43Stolen card, pick-up
ISO_8583_44No investment account
ISO_8583_45Reserved for ISO use
ISO_8583_46Reserved for ISO use
ISO_8583_47Reserved for ISO use
ISO_8583_48Reserved for ISO use
ISO_8583_49Reserved for ISO use
ISO_8583_50Reserved for ISO use
ISO_8583_51Insufficient funds
ISO_8583_52No checking account
ISO_8583_53No savings account
ISO_8583_54Expired card
ISO_8583_55Incorrect PIN
ISO_8583_56No card record
ISO_8583_57Transaction not permitted to cardholder
ISO_8583_58Transaction not permitted to terminal (may also be a chargeback)
ISO_8583_59Suspected fraud
ISO_8583_60Card acceptor contact acquirer
ISO_8583_61Exceeds withdrawal amount limit
ISO_8583_62Restricted card
ISO_8583_63Security violation (may also be a chargeback)
ISO_8583_64Original amount incorrect, reversal (unsupported)
ISO_8583_65Exceeds withdrawal frequency limit
ISO_8583_66Card acceptor call acquirer security
ISO_8583_67Hard capture, pick-up
ISO_8583_68Transaction processing timeout
ISO_8583_69Reserved for ISO
ISO_8583_70Contact Card Issuer
ISO_8583_71PIN Not Changed
ISO_8583_72Reserved for ISO
ISO_8583_73Reserved for ISO
ISO_8583_74Reserved for ISO
ISO_8583_75Allowable number of PIN tries exceeded
ISO_8583_76Key synchronization error (FIS)
ISO_8583_77Reserved for private use
ISO_8583_78Customer not eligible for POS (Star SM )
ISO_8583_79Invalid digital signature
ISO_8583_80Stale dated transaction (Star SM )
ISO_8583_81Issuer requested standin
ISO_8583_82Count exceeds limit (VISANet)
ISO_8583_83Reserved for private use
ISO_8583_84Time limit for pre-authorization reached (VISANet)
ISO_8583_85Issuer has no reason to decline the transaction (Account Verification)
ISO_8583_86Cannot verify PIN (VISANet)
ISO_8583_87Check already posted
ISO_8583_88Information not on file
ISO_8583_89Card verification value (CVV) verification failed (no pickup)
ISO_8583_90Cutoff is in progress
ISO_8583_91Issuer or switch is inoperative
ISO_8583_92Financial institution or intermediate network unknown for routing
ISO_8583_93Transaction cannot be completed, violation of law
ISO_8583_94Duplication transaction
ISO_8583_95Reconcile error
ISO_8583_96System malfunction
ISO_8583_97Reserved for national use
ISO_8583_98Reserved for national use
ISO_8583_99Card network fault error
ISO_8583_E1Invalid or unsupported SEC
ISO_8583_E2AVS data required
ISO_8583_E3CVV2 data required
ISO_8583_E4Service not allowed. Transaction not permitted to cardholder.
ISO_8583_E5Service not allowed. Transaction not permitted to cardholder.
ISO_8583_E6Issuer country is blocked
ISO_8583_E7Incorrect MAC was sent
ISO_8583_E8Standard Entry Class requirements were not met
ISO_8583_E9System time out
ISO_8583_EAAccount length error
ISO_8583_EBCheck digit error
ISO_8583_ECCID format error
ISO_8583_EDAuthorization is too old to capture
ISO_8583_EECard product code is blocked Card product code is blocked
ISO_8583_EFAttempt to process a BRIC transaction on a prior PIN based transaction
ISO_8583_EGCyberSource Time Out Connection to CyberSource timed out
ISO_8583_EHCARD_ENT_METH supplied is not valid or required additional data not provided as defined
ISO_8583_EICARD_ID is not valid
ISO_8583_EJRequired PIN block not present
ISO_8583_EKBin is not valid for pinless routing
ISO_8583_ELSignature store did not complete
ISO_8583_EMDebit PIN transactions must be swiped
ISO_8583_ENDB proxy response was not processed within the time out period
ISO_8583_EOTransaction was declined by merchant due to mismatch of CVV2 data
ISO_8583_EPTransaction not allowed as per a validation rule
ISO_8583_EQThere were no available gateway nodes to route transaction
ISO_8583_N0Authorization life cycle unacceptable
ISO_8583_N1Authorization life cycle expired
ISO_8583_N2Non-receipt of requested item (future)
ISO_8583_N3Non-receipt of requested item, illegible copy (future)
ISO_8583_N4Transaction exceeds floor limit (future)
ISO_8583_N5Declined authorization (future)
ISO_8583_N6Non-matching account numbers (future)
ISO_8583_N7Error in addition (future)
ISO_8583_N8Altered amount (future)
ISO_8583_N9Incorrect account number (future)
ISO_8583_P0Missing signature (future)
ISO_8583_P1Slip without card imprint (future)
ISO_8583_P2Imprinting of multiple slips (future)
ISO_8583_P3Canceled pre-authorization transaction (future)
ISO_8583_P4Delinquent settlement (future)
ISO_8583_P5Currency conversion error (future)
ISO_8583_P6Credit posted as a debit (sale) (future)
ISO_8583_P7Claim or defense (future)
ISO_8583_P8Non-receipt of goods (future)
ISO_8583_P9Defective merchandise (future)
ISO_8583_Q1Card authentication failed
ISO_8583_R0Fraudulent transaction prior to embossed valid date (future)
ISO_8583_R1Credit not received (future)
ISO_8583_R2Allowable PAN entries warning -- approved
ISO_8583_R3Approved with overdraft protection
ISO_8583_R4Bad CVV3
ISO_8583_S0Check not acceptable for cash
ISO_8583_S1Check not acceptable
ISO_8583_S2Check deposit limit exceeded
ISO_8583_S3Cash back limit exceeded
ISO_8583_S4Check amount does not match courtesy amount
ISO_8583_S5PIN not selected
ISO_8583_S6PIN already selected
ISO_8583_S7Unmatched voucher information
ISO_8583_S8Allowable PAN entries exceeded -- denial
ISO_8583_S9Expiration date mismatch
ISO_8583_SAInactive card
ISO_8583_SBExpiration date mismatch (card pickup)
ISO_8583_SCItem suspected for stop pay
ISO_8583_SDAccount closed
ISO_8583_SEIneligible account
ISO_8583_SFItem submitted more than two times
ISO_8583_SGNo account on file - absolute
ISO_8583_SHUnable to locate
ISO_8583_SIGeneral denial
ISO_8583_SJItem settled via ACH
ISO_8583_SKCross-reference card not found
ISO_8583_SLCategory limit exceeded
ISO_8583_SMTransaction limit exceeded
ISO_8583_SNDaily limit exceeded
ISO_8583_SOMonthly limit exceeded
ISO_8583_SPInvalid secret code
ISO_8583_SQPIN key sync error
ISO_8583_SRBad CVV2
ISO_8583_SSStop payment order
ISO_8583_STRevocation of authorization order
ISO_8583_SVStop reccurring payments
ISO_8583_T3Lost card (no pickup)
ISO_8583_T4Closed account
ISO_8583_T5Dormant account
ISO_8583_T6Special conditions (no pick-up)
ISO_8583_T7Purchase only approval for purchase with cash back transaction.
ISO_8583_T9Insufficient funds for fees
ISO_8583_TAARQC validation failed for chip card
ISO_8583_TBUnsafe PIN
ISO_8583_397Surcharge amount not permitted on Visa
ISO_8583_398Surcharge not supported
ISO_8583_442Acquirer Institution Identification Code in the request message is not registered at CAFIS
ISO_8583_443CAFIS System Error. Try again
ISO_8583_444The acquirer system is busy. Try again
ISO_8583_445Acquirer system error. Try again
ISO_8583_446The acquirer system has closed. Try again
ISO_8583_447CAFIS System Error. Try again
ISO_8583_448Illegal encoding format. Try again
ISO_8583_449CAFIS System Error. Try again
ISO_8583_450CAFIS System Error. Try again
ISO_8583_451Advice message already received
ISO_8583_452CAFIS detected a timeout when it sent the message to the acquirer. Try again
ISO_8583_453CAFIS System Error. Try again
ISO_8583_454CAFIS System Error. Try again
ISO_8583_455CAFIS System Error. Try again
ISO_8583_456CAFIS System Error. Try again
ISO_8583_457CAFIS System Error. Try again
ISO_8583_458The acquirer does not support the service
ISO_8583_459CAFIS System Error. Try again
ISO_8583_460CAFIS System Error. Try again
ISO_8583_577The card is unusable.
ISO_8583_578The transaction is pending.
ISO_8583_579PIN is incorrect
ISO_8583_580Security Code is incorrect
ISO_8583_581Security Code is not set
ISO_8583_582JIS2 stripe information is invalid
ISO_8583_583The card is maxed out for the day. (insufficient funds)
ISO_8583_584The amount exceeds the limit for the day. (insufficient funds)
ISO_8583_586The card is invalid. (MOD 10 check failed)
ISO_8583_587The card is invalid (lost/stolen).
ISO_8583_588The card is invalid. (MOD 10 check failed)
ISO_8583_589Message element 'Primary Account Number' value is invalid (MOD 10 check failed)
ISO_8583_590Message element 'Merchant Type' value is invalid
ISO_8583_591Message element 'Transaction Amount' value is invalid
ISO_8583_592Message element 'Tax and Postage' value is invalid
ISO_8583_593Bonus Count value is invalid
ISO_8583_594Bonus Month value is invalid
ISO_8583_595Bonus Amount value is invalid
ISO_8583_596First Payment Month value is invalid
ISO_8583_597Instalment Count value is invalid
ISO_8583_598Instalment Amount value is invalid
ISO_8583_599First Payment Amount value is invalid
ISO_8583_600Message elements 'Service Code', 'Business Code' and 'Message Code' value is invalid
ISO_8583_601Message element 'Payment Division' value is invalid
ISO_8583_602Message element 'Inquiry Division' value is invalid
ISO_8583_603Message element 'Cancel Division' value is invalid
ISO_8583_604Message element 'Original Payment Division' value is invalid
ISO_8583_605The card is expired.
ISO_8583_606The card is not applicable to the service.
ISO_8583_607The acquirer service is completed.
ISO_8583_608The invalid card (lost/stolen) has an error.
ISO_8583_609The request message cannot be processed for some reason.
ISO_8583_610The request message for which a transaction is not supported is received
ISO_8583_611The request message from a centre which has not made the contact.
ISO_8583_622Message element 'Service Code' setting error
ISO_8583_623Message element 'Business Code' setting error
ISO_8583_624Message element 'Message Code' setting error
ISO_8583_625Message element 'Processor Code' setting error
ISO_8583_626Message element 'Merchant Code' setting error
ISO_8583_627Message element 'Transaction Identifier' setting error
ISO_8583_628Message element 'Processor Transaction Date-Time' setting error
ISO_8583_629Message element 'Card Acceptor Terminal Identification' setting error
ISO_8583_630Message element 'Encryption Method Code' setting error
ISO_8583_631Message element 'Key Encryption Key Index in Use' setting error
ISO_8583_632Message element 'Processor Authentication Key Index' setting error
ISO_8583_633Message element 'Message Encryption Key' setting error
ISO_8583_634Message element 'Message Authentication Code' setting error
ISO_8583_635Message element 'Acquirer Institution Identification Code' setting error
ISO_8583_636Message element 'Primary Account Number' setting error
ISO_8583_637Message element 'Expiration Date' setting error
ISO_8583_638Message element 'Track-2 Data' setting error
ISO_8583_639Message element 'PIN Data' setting error
ISO_8583_640Message element 'Merchant Type' setting error
ISO_8583_641Message element 'Transaction Amount' setting error
ISO_8583_642Message element 'Tax and Postage' setting error
ISO_8583_643Message element 'Point of Service Data Code' setting error
ISO_8583_644Message element 'Payment Division' setting error
ISO_8583_645Message element 'Cancel Division' setting error
ISO_8583_646Message element 'Original Terminal Processing Serial Number' setting error
ISO_8583_647Message element 'Original Payment Division' setting error
ISO_8583_658Message element 'Original Processor Transaction Date-Time' setting error
ISO_8583_659Message element 'Original Transaction Identifier' setting error
ISO_8583_660Message element 'Free Field' setting error
ISO_8583_661Message element 'Terminal Processing Serial Number' setting error
ISO_8583_662Message element 'Security Code' setting error
ISO_8583_663Message element 'Electronic Commerce Indicator' setting error
ISO_8583_664Message element 'XID' setting error
ISO_8583_665Message element 'Accountholder Authentication Value' setting error
ISO_8583_666Message element 'Transaction Status' setting error
ISO_8583_667Message element 'Message Version Number' setting error
ISO_8583_668Message element 'CAVV Algorithm' setting error
ISO_8583_669Message element 'Recurring Flag' setting error
ISO_8583_670Element Block (e.g. 'General Transaction Info' setting error)
ISO_8583_671Combination of message elements 'Service Code' and 'Message Code' setting is incorrect
ISO_8583_672Message element 'Processor Authentication Key Index' setting error
ISO_8583_673There is more than one original transaction to reverse. Unable to reverse the transaction
ISO_8583_674Combination of message elements 'Processor Code' and 'Merchant Code' setting is incorrect
ISO_8583_675Global GEAR System Error. Try Again.
ISO_8583_676Global GEAR System Error. Transaction result is unclear.
ISO_8583_677Global GEAR System Error. Transaction result is unclear.
ISO_8583_678Global GEAR System Error. Try Again.
ISO_8583_679Global GEAR System Error. Transaction result is unclear.
ISO_8583_680Global GEAR System Error. Transaction result is unclear.
ISO_8583_681Global GEAR System Error. Try Again.
ISO_8583_682Global GEAR System Error. Transaction result is unclear.
ISO_8583_683Global GEAR System Error. Transaction result is unclear.
ISO_8583_694Global GEAR System Error. Transaction result is unclear.
ISO_8583_695Global GEAR System Error. Transaction result is unclear.
ISO_8583_696Global GEAR System Error. Transaction result is unclear.
ISO_8583_697Global GEAR System Error. Transaction result is unclear.
ISO_8583_698Global GEAR System Error. Transaction result is unclear.
ISO_8583_699Global GEAR System Error. Transaction result is unclear.
ISO_8583_700Global GEAR System Error. Transaction result is unclear.
ISO_8583_701Global GEAR System Error. Transaction result is unclear.
ISO_8583_702Global GEAR System Error. Transaction result is unclear.
ISO_8583_703Global GEAR System Error. Try Again.
ISO_8583_704Global GEAR System Error. Transaction result is unclear.
ISO_8583_705Global GEAR System Error. Try Again.
ISO_8583_828Unable to authorise
ISO_8583_831Cash service not available
ISO_8583_832Cash back request exceeds issuer limit
ISO_8583_833Resubmitted transaction over max days limit
ISO_8583_835Decline CVV2 failure
ISO_8583_836Transaction amount greater than preauthorised
ISO_8583_902Invalid biller information
ISO_8583_905Unable to authorise
ISO_8583_906Unable to authorise
ISO_8583_937Card Authentication failed
ISO_8583_972Stop Payment Order
ISO_8583_973Revocation of Authorization Order
ISO_8583_975Revocation of All Authorizations Order
ISO_8583_1044Approval, keep first check
ISO_8583_1045Check OK, no conversion
ISO_8583_1046Invalid RTTN
ISO_8583_1047Amount greater than limit
ISO_8583_1048Unpaid items, failed NEG
ISO_8583_1049Duplicate check number
ISO_8583_1050MICR error
ISO_8583_1051Too many checks
ISO_8583_1198Forward to issuer
ISO_8583_1201Forward to issuer
ISO_8583_1263Unable to authorise
ISO_8583_1295Unknown error