Building on MobileCoin

Why MobileCoin?

The MobileCoin Blockchain is a digital ledger that records financial information of financial transactions, the giving and receiving of funds. The design of the MobileCoin Blockchain ledger is based on the CryptoNote ledger encryption protocol, which obscures the identity of all users’ transaction outputs (TxOuts) using one-time recipient addresses. The transaction is encrypted by Ring Confidential Transactions (RingCT), which hides the actual transaction value amid decoys, a larger set of possibly-spent transactions. The MobileCoin Blockchain is encrypted, which means that the TxOuts are constructed in such a way that users can only receive funds or know how much they have spent by using their private keys to view or spend the transaction. Explicitly: only the counterparties in a transaction are privy to its contents.

For those that are looking for a privacy and payments focused blockchain with high transaction throughput, MobileCoin is the right choice.

What's Being Built on MobileCoin

Wyre provides you the tools to build out some of the most innovative projects in the space that can compete with the best of the best.

Check out various projects being built on top of the MobileCoin protocol. With Wyre's API's, developers can create new and innovative payments applications such as Moby in a fraction of the time as the competitors and in novel ways that various apps cannot currently support.

Wyre provides you the tools to build out new innovative apps within the MobileCoin ecosystem.

Wyre's Functionalities on MobileCoin

Wyre APIsSupported/Not Supported on MobileCoin
Swaps APINot Supported
Transfers APISupported
Checkout WidgetSupported
Users APISupported
Wallet APISupported

Get Started

How to get started building on MobileCoin:

Supported Transfers Pairs via API & Widgets

MOB (Mobilecoin) Pairs

  "MOB Pairs": [