Getting Started

Welcome to Wyre!

Wyre offers powerful APIs that support a range of financial, cryptocurrency, and identity services. It can move money around, broker exchanges, validate KYC/AML information, and transfer to/from traditional banking systems all while remaining compliant.

First, you will need a Wyre account. Get started by signing up.

Main API Functionality

We offer the following set of distinct API functionality:

Wyre Checkout Widget
A turnkey fiat to crypto onramp that allows businesses to start selling crypto with only a few lines of code

Card Processing
An API that helps businesses accept debit/credit cards for the sale of crypto to the end user

Global white-label On/Off Ramps
APIs which help businesses accept global payments into a Web2/3 application and payout to businesses and individuals all over the global (in fiat/crypto).

An API that offers a custodial solution to let businesses and end users hold crypto and fiat assets

Transfers and Swaps
An API that enables the ability to move and convert value/assets across Web2 and Web3

Users KYC Engine
An API that offers a compliance as a service and user management system. This is the gateway that unlocks all of Wyre's powerful offerings

To foster a better development experience for our partners, we offer a test environment in addition to production. Any transfers made in the test environment will never hit the actual blockchain network or incur any fees.

Getting Started

Check the Quick Start Guide
We recommend that you read the Quick Start Guide for a crash course in Wyre's APIs. It only takes a few minutes to familiarize yourself with the different API functions and calls so you can get the most out of Wyre's offering!

Create a TestWyre Account
Create a test account at Generate test keys & start tinkering with our APIs. Plug your keys into our prebuilt exchange app, theWyre Experience for a quick and deep experimental experience.

Request API Keys for your production account
Once testing has completed, you can register a live account. You must go through the entire on-boarding and verification process before you are allowed to send funds.

Go live!