Wyre Checkout (Widget)


Wyre Checkout Update: Single Sign-On (SSO)

Wyre Checkout will be receiving an update that will greatly improve the end user experience and increase fraud protection for our partners. Developed in partnership with Bolt, this update will:

  • enable Single Sign-On (SSO) capabilities for return users of Wyre Checkout
  • automatically create a Bolt Shopper Account for all users when they complete a transaction with Wyre Checkout

This update will not require any code changes for existing Checkout implementations and will happen automatically. This will be a phased rollout plan with the first phase beginning on July 29, 2022. All current partners using Wyre Checkout will receive notification prior to this update going live (if you did not receive any notification, your usersโ€™ Checkout experience will remain unchanged).

For more in depth information about this update, please see our FAQs.


The Wyre Checkout widget is a turnkey solution that makes it easy for your end-users to use fiat to purchase cryptocurrency with the worldโ€™s most popular payment methods. Through our hosted Checkout, you can offer your customers a fast and secure way to purchase cryptocurrency eliminating the need to build your own KYC process or checkout UI.

With Wyre Checkout you can utilize:

  • Hosted Redirect: instantiated through a redirect to our widget for your user to complete the transaction
  • Browser Dialog: instantiated by opening a dialog and loading Wyre Checkout on your website
  • Pre-fill Information: pass in certain Parameters on behalf of the user such as a wallet address or a purchase amount to help expedite the transaction
  • Return to Source: Once the purchase is complete, you can redirect the user back to your website or app.

Get Ready

Before starting your integration, you'll need to create an account in Wyre's testing environment. If you haven't done so already, head over to the Wyre dashboard to create it and start this process.

For more information on getting started, please go to check out what Wyre's production and test environments look like. But for now, let's talk pricing.


Currently, there is no cost to integrate Wyre with your business. All fees are assessed to the end-user. You can see a breakdown of the fees per transfer (Fiat --> Crypto) in the table below.

Payment Method TypeService AreaFees
Debit CardsUS3.9% + $0.30
Debit CardsInternational5.4% + $0.30
Apple PayUS3.9% + $0.30
Apple PayInternational5.4% + $0.30


Credit Card Fee Considerations

Credit card issuers have begun applying fees to transactions involving cryptocurrency. Some card issuers are classifying cryptocurrency transaction as cash advances.

Fees charged by credit card issuers are beyond Wyre's control. You may wish to alert your users that their credit card issuer may apply additional fees. The user should understand their card's terms of service.

Minimum Fee

There is a minimum fee when using Wyre Checkout. This is important to consider when processing small transactions.

$5 minimum fee or 3.9% + $0.30, whichever is greater.$5 minimum fee or 5.4% + $0.30, whichever is greater.


Fee Notice

As a partner of Wyre, you can add your own fee on-top of Wyre's to generate revenue for your business. This should be discussed with your Wyre Sales Representative during the time of contract creation and signing.

Payment Methods

You will be able to accept payments via debit card, ACH Direct Debits, or Apple Pay.

Note: Apple Pay will only work with Apple devices and on the Safari browser.

Payment TypeDetails
Low Limit Debit Card PaymentsThere are two ways to provide card payments for users using the widget. You have the option of providing users with Apple Pay and Debit Card.

Caveat: Apple Pay will only work with Apple devices and on the Safari browser.
High Limit Card PaymentsUse our hosted KYC flow to easily accept higher limit purchases for your users.
ACH Direct DebitsUse our hosted KYC and Plaid integrations to onramp users with their local, US bank account. You can tokenize the user's bank account for future direct debit use with our Transfers API.

Transaction Processing Limits

Order TypeLow limits, No KYCHigh limits, User KYC
Card or Apple Pay Domestic (US)Weekly: $500
Yearly: $60,000
Weekly: $2,500
Yearly: $130,000
Card or Apple Pay InternationalWeekly: $1,000
Yearly: $90,000
Weekly: $2,500
Yearly: $130,000
ACH Domestic (US)N/A$25,000 per week

The limits work on a rolling basis so if someone reached their weekly limit on a Friday, they would have to wait 7 days until the following Friday to make another purchase up to their weekly limit.

Supported States and Countries

A comprehensive list of supported states for the Wyre checkout in the US and countries across the world can be found here.


As mentioned before, be sure to create an account in Wyre's testing environment.

You may enter dummy information for all required fields, including email, password, address, name, etc. Some validation is still active so single-letter names and bogus addresses may still be rejected. You may upload any image for document upload prompts. When using a production account, you'll need to pass in real KYC information.

After a short time, your account should automatically transition to APPROVED. (If it does not, please contact support via the chatbot on our homepage). Once this happens, return to the widget to find you can now fund your account!

Test Environment

Wyre offers a test environment for the hosted debit card widget. The test environment can be accessed at pay.testwyre.com/purchase.

To test transactions please use these provided debit cards. To ensure you have a successful transaction keep transactions below $1. Anything over $10 will fail automatically.

Test Cards (Card Auth Rejection Scenario)

Card TypeCard NumberExpirationCVV
Mastercard (International only)545454545454545410/23666

Test Cards (Payment Info Rejection Scenario)

Card TypeCard NumberExpirationCVV
VISA411111111111111110/23456, 457, 461
Mastercard (International only)545454545454545410/23456, 457, 461

Test Cards(Success Scenario)

Card TypeCard NumberExpirationCVV
Mastercard (International only)545454545454545410/23555


Bank Statement Authorization and SMS Code

You'll be required to enter two codes to validate the bank account and phone number for the test transactions. You can enter 000000 for both to complete this verification.

Go Live

Before going live, you'll want to make sure that you:

  • Finalize your Partnership Agreement with Wyre
  • Create your production Wyre account and complete KYC
  • Configure the Widget for the production environment

That's it! You're now ready to accept fiat-to-crypto payments natively in your app.