Test Credentials & Environments


Wyre provides a robust test and production environment that allows you to integrate and test our APIs. Developers can work on what we call TestWyre then move to production with SendWyre. Faucets for testing across different networks are outlined below, sandbox logins are available and test credit cards allow you simulate the flow end to end.

Test Credit Cards

Card TypeCard NumberExpirationCVVPostal Code (Only Non-U.S. Addresses)SMS & Bank Codes
Mastercard (International only)545454545454545410/23555AAAA000000

Plaid Sandbox

When prompted with the Plaid widget for bank login in the test environment, the system will recognize the following values:

Processor Tokenprocessor-sandbox-af653618-f9e4-41ad-a567-03109952b2b3

Once the Username and Password are entered, if you are prompted to enter a verificaiton code, it will always be code: 1234

To learn more about Plaid's Sandbox environment, click HERE

Transaction Processing

You can use the above credentials to deposit dummy money into your account that can be used to test

You can use the Plaid integration to connect the test bank account into your Wyre account. From that you can deposit dummy fiat currency into your account

OR you can use the test credit card in order to purchase crypto through our checkout widget or API endpoints.

Blockchain transactions on TestWyre will perform like normal blockchain transaction. Crypto distributed on TestWyre are passed between accounts and can be loaded via their respective faucets.

All fiat transfers are simulated in TestWyre. You can create a fiat balance by depositing testnet crypto and converting it to fiat funds via a transfer (or Plaid - combine this with above). It is not possible to fully test fiat payouts to connected banks. Partners can set up the proper API calls to perform fiat transfers but will need to switch to production in order to fully test the functionality and error handling for live fiat on and offramping.

Creating TestWyre Sub-Accounts

Once you have a TestWyre account, you can try the functionality of creating sub-accounts via the Create Account endpoint.

  • Only accounts for individuals can be created.
  • The individual phone number and email address can consist of dummy data.
  • Uploaded individual documents can consist of dummy data for the test environment account.
  • API generated subaccounts must be manually approved if account data fields are missing.

Test Authentication

Use 00000 for SMS and card 2FA authentication in TestWyre.
When using 3D Secure, follow the prompts in the simulator for various outcomes.

Blockchain Testnets