Building on Flow


Why Flow

Flow empowers developers to build thriving crypto- and crypto-enabled businesses. Applications on Flow can keep consumers in control of their own data, create new kinds of digital assets tradable on open markets accessible from anywhere in the world, and build open economies owned by the users that help make them valuable.

There are four pillars that make Flow unique among existing blockchains:

  1. Multi-role architecture: Flow’s design is unique, allowing the network to scale to serve billions of users without sharding or reducing decentralization of consensus.

  2. Resource-oriented programming: smart contracts on Flow are written in Cadence, an easier and safer programming language for crypto assets and apps.

  3. Developer ergonomics: from upgradeable smart contracts and built-in logging support to the Flow Emulator, this network is designed for results.

  4. Consumer onboarding: Flow was designed for mainstream consumers, with payment onramps catalyzing a safe and low-friction path from fiat to crypto.

To learn more about the power of FLOW, check out their Website

What's Being Built on Flow?

Wyre provides you the tools to build out some of the most innovative projects in the space that can compete with the best of the best.

With Wyre's API's, developers can create new and innovative platforms for Marketplaces, Games, Mobile Apps, Sports, Wallets, DeFi, Metaverse & Galleries, Art, Music, and DAO's in a fraction of the time as the competitors and in novel ways that various platforms cannot currently support.

Check out various projects being built on top of the FLOW protocol HERE.

Wyre provides you the tools to build out new innovative apps within the Flow ecosystem. Tap any of Wyre's APIs to create brand new categories of apps.

Wyre's Functionalities on Flow

Wyre APIsSupported/Not Supported on Flow
Swaps APINot Supported
Transfers APISupported
Checkout WidgetSupported
Users APISupported
Wallet APISupported

Get Started

How to get started building on FLOW:

Supported Transfers Pairs via API & Widgets

Flow USDC Pairs

  "FUSD Pairs": [