Building on Ethereum & ERC-20s


Why Ethereum?

Thanks to the large number of developers involved, the availability of extensive documentation and constant updates, Ethereum is considered to be the best platform for deploying any infrastructure. Many developers refer to the powerful network effect of Ethereum as a compelling factor for building dApps. This task does not require much experience or fundamental knowledge in programming, as the applications for it are created on the basis of a basic decentralized architecture.

Ethereum’s pride and joy is the decentralized virtual machine that any developer can use to deploy dApps. The smart contracts manage the resources of the EVM using the code written in the original Solidity programming language. The given approach made it possible to create applications based on Ethereum that work strictly in accordance with the established algorithm without failures, censorship, fraud or participation of third parties. If one of the nodes executing a smart contract fails, it will not affect the stability of the application as a whole, as the resulting data remains unchanged.

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What's Being Built on Ethereum?

Wyre provides you the tools to build out some of the most innovative projects in the space that can compete with the best of the best.

With Wyre's API's, developers can create new and innovative solutions when it comes to Borrowing & Lending, Token Swaps, Trading & Prediction Markets, Investments, Payments, Insurance, Crowdfunding, Portfolios, and much more in a fraction of the time as the competitors and in novel ways that various apps cannot currently support.

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Wyre provides you the tools to build out new innovative apps within the Ethereum ecosystem. Tap any of Wyre's APIs to create brand new categories of apps.

Get Started

How to get started building on Ethereum:

Wyre's Functionalities on Ethereum

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