Wire Transfer Deposit

Wyre allows users with approved payment methods to Wire transfer funds into a Wyre Account

Get Wire Transfer Instructions

After calling the API, please refer your users to the wireDetails node in the response. This will provide instructions on how to send a wire transfer to Wyre.

// Sample extracted from the full response above
"wireDetails": {
            "instructions": "You can complete the transfer by following these steps:\n\n1.) Print or download the details\n2.) Send the exact amount to the bank details listed above (You can send money through online banking or mobile banking, etc.)\n3.) You will receive an email notification with the transfer details",
            "bankAddress": "Evolve Bank and Trust\n6070 Poplar Ave\n#100\nMemphis, TN 38119",
            "bankPhone": "866.395.2754",
            "routingNumber": "084106768",
            "accountNumber": "9827813073",
            "beneficiary": "Wyre Payments, Inc. FBO Users",
            "beneficiaryAddress": "6070 Poplar Ave\n#100\nMemphis, TN 38119",
            "intermediaryBank": null,
            "swiftCode": null,
            "abaNumber": null,
            "city": null,
            "branchCode": null,
            "country": "US",
            "accountType": null,
            "iban": null

Creating a Wire Deposit Transfer

This process starts as a transfer request using Create Transfer with a non-ACH payment method as the source like the example below.

  "message":"USD Wire Transfer",

The create transfer event sends a response that includes the transfer id, like below:

//Truncated response for example
    "id": "TF_BVETD6PZA7W",
    "status": "UNCONFIRMED",
    "failureReason": null,
    "language": "en",
    "createdAt": 1611869941434,
    "updatedAt": null,
    "completedAt": null,
    "depositInitiatedAt": null,
    "cancelledAt": null,
    "expiresAt": 1611870841434,
    "submitter": "account:AC_XXXXXXXXXX",
    "owner": "account:AC_XXXXXXXXXX",
    "source": "paymentmethod:PA_MXAUE736A9T",
    "dest": "account:AC_XXXXXXXXXX",
    "sourceCurrency": "USD",
    "sourceAmount": 200.00,
    "destCurrency": "USD",
    "destAmount": 200.00,
    "atMinFee": false,
    "exchangeRate": null,
    "desc": "Unconfirmed: Transfer of $200.00 to account:AC_XXXXXXXXXX",
    "message": "USD Personal example",
    "totalFees": 0.00

Getting the Wire Instructions

The GET endpoint on this page /v2/transfer/:transferId is used to retrieve the wire instruction details. You will provide the transfer id in the path of the GET request in order to receive the wire instructions in the response.