Create Transfer

Create a transfer object

This endpoint is the starting point for initializing all Wyre transfers - moving and/or exchanging currency or tokens.

Auto Confirmation Settings

When autoConfirm is false, the returned transfer details can be used to present associated fees to the user before confirmation. The rates are locked for 15m if fiat-to-fiat or no exchange, 10m for crypto exchanges (including stable-coins). Unconfirmed transfers will expire after this locked period. If the transfer expires you'll have to reissue the transfer request and confirm the new transfer.

You may also instead automatically confirm the transfer by including "autoConfirm": true to skip the followup price confirmation.

Source and Destination

The source of the transfer is the system from which funds are being pulled, while the dest is, somewhat unsurprisingly, the final destination of the funds. These parameters are SRNs and can be different types - accounts, payment methods, wallets, or blockchain addresses.

Eligibility varies across these types as well as between specific instances for usage as source or destination. e.g. a bitcoin address may be used (currently) only as a destination, while some payment methods may be able to be used for either source or destination.


Using Masquerade

If you're acting on the behalf of an (sub) Account or User you will need to use the masqueradeAs URL parameter when creating transfers.

Movement vs Exchange

The API offers two parameters, sourceCurrency and destCurrency, which collectively control the exchange behavior of the transfer.

If only sourceCurrency is supplied, or both are supplied and are identical, the transfer will perform no exchange and the currency will remain in its original form.

If the two are different, then an exchange is performed to convert the sourceCurrency taken from the source to the destCurrency.


There are three common ways to express the numeric totals involved in your Transfer:

1. Amount of money to process

You indicate the amount to move or convert. Fees are added on top of your indicated subtotal, and the resulting final total is withdrawn/requested from the source.

In this case, specify only sourceAmount, and amountIncludesFees will default to false.

2. Total to withdraw

You want to indicate the total amount that will be withdrawn/requested from the source, inclusive of fees.

In this case, specify sourceAmount and also specify "amountIncludesFees": true.

3. Total to arrive

You want to indicate the total amount that will hit the destination. The system will compensate in fees and exchange rate to accomplish it.

In this case, specify only destAmount, and amountIncludesFees will default to false.


You may use the notifyUrl parameter to specify an endpoint that will receive a callback whenever the initial transaction is created. More information on Transfer Callbacks

Response Fields

The response returned after creation of a new transfer will include the following fields:

exchangeRateThe quoted exchange rate for the transfer expressed as a multiplier, such that:

sourceAmount * exchangeRate = destAmount

This rate may vary on shallow markets
totalFeesThe total fees will always be represented in the source currency. To convert totalFees to the destination currency, multiply it by the exchange rate. Note that this object includes all Wyre fees and miner fees if applicable.
sourceAmountthe total amount of funds, incl. fees, used in processing this transfer
destAmountthe total amount of funds that should be received by the destination

Request Body

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