Get Authorization

Determine if a card order requires two-factor authentication

The need for confirmation codes may differ with each order. You will need to confirm only codes that are requested. If the Authentication codes are not provided within the expiration time, the order will expire - the current expiration time is 10 minutes. When building your UI, you need to make it a real-time experience.

This request is only available until codes are still valid. After that, if you try to get authorization information in this endpoint we throw an error, check Card Exceptions. The current limit of attempts to specify the code is 5 times. After this, you will receive back an error and the order will expire.

If smsNeeded or card2faNeeded are true, you must provide the codes back in the Submit Authorization endpoint.


Testing Note

In testwyre, you need to provide card2fa only once every 2 minutes since you submitted your last order using the same card and same billing. After 2 minutes you will need to provide the card2fa again.

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