Create Payment Method

Create a payment method

Payment Methods Overview
ACH - Connect Bank
Integrate with Plaid for Bank Transfers


Account Number

Please note that the accountNumber parameter should be your bank account number, i.e. checking or savings account number. This should not be your Wyre account id.


Changes to CNY Payment Method Creation

As of June 2023, there are new parameter changes to CNY payment method creation which have been added in the docs below

Please refer to the Request Body below to see the various fields required for connecting different international payment methods.

When you create a Payment Method using this API it will return with a status of AWAITING_FOLLOWUP. If you have set chargeablePM to false then the status will remain AWAITING_FOLLOWUP, however, you will be able to make payouts (push) to the payment method.

A payment method must be approved in order to pull funds from it. Once approved, the payment method will transition from PENDING status to ACTIVE. When setting chargeablePM to true, a bank statement upload is required to move the account from AWAITING_FOLLOWUP to PENDING. After a successful review of the bank statement, the status will transition to ACTIVE.

If you are creating a payment method for a user, you must specify the user in the body of the request such as "owner":"user:US_R428X8QXXI9". Additionally, you must masquerade as the user in the Query params of the request such as, "masqueradeAs":"user:US_R428X8QXXI9".

Making a Payout to the Payment Method

When using the Payment Method as the dest of a Transfer you will need to use the SRN with the prefix paymentmethod:.

For example, to payout BTC to MXN using a MXN payment method, you would make a request that looks like:

  "source": "wallet:WA_W7YN28ABCHT",
  "dest": "paymentmethod:PA_UP2XAELHJBD",
  "amount": "2"


Payment Methods for onramps

If a payment method is also intended for onramp use, please set chargeablePM : true

Request Body

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