Create Wallet Order Reservation

Lock in wallet order via API before allowing widget operation

Wallet Order Reservations are required before processing cards. A successful Wallet Order Reservation will return a URL of the hosted widget which can be presented to your users and a reservation identifier if you choose to use a white-label card processing API solution.

To quote a different sourceCurrency please set it to a supported presentment currency (e.g. USD, GBP, EUR, etc).

There are two ways to specify the amount field:

  • amount (will always be the fiat amount without fees included, so amountIncludeFees should NOT be passed in the request)
  • sourceAmount/destAmount (fiat/crypto amount respectively, use only one, not both)

When sourceAmount/destAmount is specified, amountIncludeFees is mandatory. This informs whether the amount has fees already included or not.

When amountIncludeFees is included in the body params, we will lock the sourceAmount, sourceCurrency, destCurrency, dest, and country in the checkout widget. To not lock these fields, do not include amountIncludeFees as a param.

How amountIncludeFees Works:

amountIncludeFees = false
Fees are added on top: $100 + fees will be charged to the user. The user receives the full $100 in value.

amountIncludeFees = true
Fees will be subtracted from the amount: $100 - fees will be sent to the user's wallet. The user receives the amount less the fees.

See the Wallet Order Reservations Guide.

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