Create Wallet

Update an existing wallet by its identifier

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This endpoint has a name parameter which allows you to attach a unique identifier to the wallet, perhaps a user identifier generated by your app/platform.

The type parameter allows you to choose the type of wallet to create from the following options:


Wallets are attached to your Wyre business account at the platform level and allow you to operate them on behalf of your users via the Transfers endpoint.

Building the Create Wallet Request

When building your request to create a new wallet, you'll need to provide these fields:

  • name - Your unique identifier for this user.
  • callbackUrl - Optional callback when the user receives funds (payload)
  • notes - Optional notes about the user
  • type - The type of user you are creating, DEFAULT, ENTERPRISE.


When a new wallet is created you will receive the following:

  • name - Your identifier
  • id - Wyre's identifier
  • depositAddresses - Digital currency deposit addresses for the user
  • totalBalances - Total balance for the user
  • availableBalances - Funds available to the user
  • pusherChannel - Pusher update channel
  • srn - Wyre Reference Name identifier
  • balances - Balances for the user
  • callbackUrl - Your callback url
  • notes - Your note for the user
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