Migrate Account

Migrate a v2 or v3 account to a new user


Use this endpoint to migrate an existing Accounts to a new User. This must be performed with credentials that have full access to the target account. This means that if you are migrating referral accounts, you must use credentials tied to the account.

The following kinds of accounts may be migrated:

  • referred accounts
  • ~fully custodial subaccounts~ (not yet supported)

Migrations affect several components:

KYC Data

The migration will copy the following data from the account to the newly create user:

  • first name
  • last name
  • residence address


All wallets owned by the migrated account will be updated so that they are owned by the user.

API Keys

All API keys owned by the migrated account will be disabled.

Transaction / Transfer History

This data will remain in place and is not migrated. Please download this data before migrating if you need it!

Account Balances

Remaining balances on the account will not be migrated. You must move them before migrating!

Old Account

The old account will be marked as disabled. Further API interaction with this account will not be possible.

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