Necessary Account Settings

Wyre must manually configure the Users API on your master account. Please reach out to sales if interested.


The basic process looks like this:

• Create User
• Approve User by Scope
• Transact!

Step 1: Creating the User

Call the Create User endpoint to create the user.

Step 2: Approving the User by Scope

Approvals in the users system exist in the context of scopes. Because end-user requirements differ across available Wyre functionality, scopes are used to constrain the API based on the specific intent of a single user.

User Scope Approval Process:

• To see the fields required for a specific scope, call Get User and pass the scopes query parameter
• Identify any fields that are in OPEN status
• Call Update User to submit this data to Wyre. Use masquerading
• Repeat until all required fields are in SUBMITTED status

When all OPEN fields have been SUBMITTED and necessary KYC onboarding has been performed, the User Scope will move into APPROVED status.

Step 3: Transact!

Now that your user is approved to transact, you may begin Using Transfers! Remember to use masquerading for requests made on behalf of your users. This simple pattern helps to firewall permission boundaries between users and your partner-level API credentials.

Users each have their own set of custodial balances (including all our supported fiat and crypto). This is where funds are reflected which is sent to the blockchain addresses tied to the user. Users may be used as the source or destination via the Transfer API to move and exchange these funds.


TRANSFERGeneral access to the Transfers API. Access to this scope is required for all transfers.
GET /v3/users/{userId}?scopes=TRANSFER

ACHAccess to create payment methods (attach bank accounts).
GET /v3/users/{userId}?scopes=ACH

Transfer Scope
KYC Onboarding URL
User Payment Method
DEBIT_CARD_L2Higher Limits Card Processing
GET /v3/users/{userId}?scopes=DEBIT_CARD_L2

Transfer Scope
KYC Onboarding URL

User Scopes Statuses

OPENWaiting on data to be submitted to one or more fields.

This is the initial state before any information has been submitted, or if there were correctable problems with a previous submission.
PENDINGInformation has been fully submitted and is waiting on review from Wyre.
APPROVEDInformation has been reviewed and accepted by Wyre
CLOSEDThe Account has been closed and may not transact. Customer service followup is necessary for further actions.

Field IDs

The field IDs your specific integration has to support depend on your integration type.

fieldId ValueField TypeDescription
firstNameSTRINGFirst name of the end user
lastNameSTRINGLast name of the end user
cellphoneSTRINGThe user's cellphone number including country code
e.g. "+15554445555"
emailSTRINGThe user's email address
residenceAddressOBJECTThe user's residence address
e.g. { "street1": "1 Market St", "street2": "Suite 402", "city": "San Francisco", "state": "CA", "postalCode": "94105", "country": "US" }
dateOfBirthSTRINGThe user's date of birth (YYYY-MM-DD)
e.g. "1990-01-01"