Refund Order

Request the refund of a wallet order

  • Wallet orders can only be refunded by whomever created the order (same referrerAccountId).
    • Wallet orders can be refunded only once. If it fails, it cannot be tried again.
    • The accountId issuing the refund should have enough balance available to refund (e.g. if you want to allow refunds for USD, AUD and EUR, make sure you have a sufficient balance available in your account for all those currencies).
    • When the refund is accepted, the wallet order amount with the same source currency will be withdrawn from the partner account id. If there are not enough funds available, an exception will be thrown with error code refund.insufficientFunds.
    • The refund request completes or fails in the same request.


Refund Limitations

There is a maximum 30 day time limit to issue a refund, starting from the date of purchase.

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