Submit Authorization

Submit two-factor authentication for a card order

The type must be either SMS, CARD2FA or ALL. When type is SMS, the node sms is mandatory, when it's CARD2FA, the node card2fa is mandatory, and when type is ALL, both sms and card2fa are mandatory.

When any code failed due to any reason (i.e. max attempts, time expiration, etc.) the order will also fail and the card will be refunded. Failed orders cannot be resumed. The code requirements might change at any time based on the buyer's info.

Upon successful authorization, the response will contain the walletOrderId which can be used to check the status of the order. Keep polling Wallet Order Details until the order's status is PROCESSING or COMPLETE.

You can also receive updates via Webhooks, contact our sales team at [email protected] to set up your webhook configuration.

Once the transferId is returned it means the order was accepted and the transfer (blockchain transaction) is in progress.

To track its progress, you can use Track Widget Order.

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