List Orders Paginated

List all wallet orders by pagination

This is a paginated endpoint, pagination parameters are defined as follows:

  • position: current page.
  • recordsTotal: amount of total records (for all pages).
  • recordsFiltered: records on this page.

The limit and offset are query string parameters that can be used to navigate in the pages. See Formatting Parameters for the full and up to date list of possible query parameters.

Error Details

A failed wallet order can have multiple error fields:

  • internalErrorCode: Wyre's internal error code. This should always be present when the status is FAILED.

    • Please check Card Exceptions for all the possible values of internalErrorCode in the section Unified Error Codes
  • paymentNetworkErrorCode: Payment provider or bank error code. This field is only present when the order failed because of a Bank error.

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