Submit user-provided KYC data

This endpoint is used to upload user data to Wyre on behalf of the end user. This includes name, address, email, or any other personal information required. User data only needs to be provided for those field IDs that are shown on the API in a given context.

The scopes parameter is used to control the context for the view of the user returned by this endpoint after the update has been submitted. It does not limit the fields that may be updated, nor affect any permanent attribute of the user.

By default, this endpoint waits up to 5 seconds for processing on the account to complete. You may disable this by using the immediate parameter. In cases where processing has not yet completed, the status on the returned user will appear as PENDING. In these cases you should rely on webhooks for notification of state changes (or, less desirably, you can poll).

As with the rest of the User APIs, this endpoint requires masquerading.

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