Get Limits

Retrieve active limitations for movement of funds

All accounts have limitations in the total amount of funds that can move into and out of them. These limits apply even in circumstances where the funds are not remaining on a Wyre account balance, as the limits apply to the movement of funds.

The returned limits object will group all limit information by context. The highest level is the ACCOUNT context-- this determines the general limits available for the account, regardless of the type of financial connections involved.

Within each context, the limits are then grouped by their time window, reflected as a number of hours. 24 is one day, 168 is one week, and so on. The most restrictive limit always applies.

Within each time window, all active currencies will have a limit entry which details the limit and its present usage. These entries each contain 4 keys:

  • in: The total limit on incoming funds to the Wyre platform
  • out: The total limit on outgoing funds from the Wyre platform
  • availIn: Remaining incoming quota
  • availOut: Remaining outgoing quota

We carry limits into each of the contexts that they apply within. This means that if you're trying to check the limits in the context of an ACH transaction, you need only look at the ACH context; you do not need to additionally look at the ACCOUNT context. Any broader limitations will be present on the other contexts.

The contexts presently available are:

  • DEBIT_CARD: All debit card transactions limits
  • ACH: All ACH transaction limits
  • ACCOUNT: As mentioned above, general account limitations

Limits are continuously rolling so there is no global "reset" time. For example, if you submit a transaction which consumes your full 24-hour limit quota, you must wait 24 hours from time of submission before the quota refills.


View the Limits for a Specific User

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