Core Concepts

As you start the process of building on top of Wyre's APIs, it is important to understand some of Wyre's core concepts to make the building process go a lot smoother.


Wyre Users represent the individual users of our partners. The primary purpose of a Wyre User is to ensure that KYC checks are done with the provided data on the user so that they can safely and compliantly use other Wyre services.

Wyre Users contain KYC information, helping our partners understand if the user can compliantly use specific services.

Users can be provided blockchain addresses and can store crypto and fiat balances as well as send and receive funds from those balances.


A Wyre Wallet is a place where a business or individual can store fiat or crypto funds.

Wallets contain blockchain addresses where users can send, receive and store crypto and as fiat balances as well.

Wallets can be attached to a Business partner or an individual user.



On the Wyre platform, funds move through our transfers.
We view transfers as the bread and butter for most of our operations.

Transfers can do a variety of things including:

  • move fiat between different wallets, users, and partner accounts
  • move fiat between the Wyre platform and bank accounts
  • move crypto between different wallets, users, and partner accounts
  • move crypto between the Wyre platform and external crypto addresses
  • exchange between different cryptocurrency pairs within the same user/wallet/account
  • exchange between different fiat pairs within the same user/wallet/account
  • exchange between cryptocurrency and fiat within the same user/wallet/account

Payment Methods

Payment Methods represent bank accounts on Wyre's platform. This is one of the primary methods for moving funds from a user or a business bank account onto the Wyre platform.

Wyre also relies on Payment Methods to move funds from Wyre's platform into a user or business bank account.

curl --request POST \
     --url \
     --header 'Accept: application/json' \
     --header 'Authorization: Bearer SK-FCFAWFTR-TZTTF93J-X729UDJX-J7BN2HRV' \
     --header 'Content-Type: application/json' \
     --data '
     "paymentMethodType": "INTERNATIONAL_TRANSFER",
     "paymentType": "LOCAL_BANK_WIRE",
     "currency": "USD",
     "country": "US",
     "beneficiaryType": "INDIVIDUAL",
     "firstNameOnAccount": "Sally",
     "lastNameOnAccount": "Smith",
     "beneficiaryAddress": "1234 Main St.",
     "beneficiaryAddress2": "",
     "beneficiaryCity": "Los Angeles",
     "beneficiaryPostal": "91604",
     "beneficiaryPhoneNumber": "+15555555555",
     "beneficaryState": "CA",
     "beneficiaryDobDay": 2,
     "beneficiaryDobMonth": 12,
     "beneficiaryDobYear": 1990,
     "accountNumber": "1234567890123",
     "routingNumber": "123412312",
     "accountType": "CHECKING",
     "chargeablePM": false

  "id": "PA_C93QR8QNDAV",
  "owner": "account:AC_YV8LCV3C9HZ",
  "createdAt": 1628877860703,
  "name": "USD Bank account ending in 0000",
  "defaultCurrency": "USD",
  "fingerprint": "BANK-vuXcdw7k55S2zkd6C0vxXxDQcSqSNaT7yDyfqw0U8+I=",
  "status": "AWAITING_FOLLOWUP",
  "statusMessage": null,
  "waitingPrompts": [
      "id": "8VY7PXCR2MC",
      "prompt": "Upload a bank statement",
      "responses": [],
      "type": "DOCUMENT"
  "beneficiaryType": "INDIVIDUAL",
  "supportsDeposit": true,
  "nameOnMethod": "Billy-Bob Jones",
  "last4Digits": "0000",
  "brand": null,
  "expirationDisplay": null,
  "countryCode": "US",
  "nickname": null,
  "rejectionMessage": null,
  "disabled": false,
  "supportsPayment": true,
  "chargeableCurrencies": [
  "depositableCurrencies": [
  "chargeFeeSchedule": null,
  "depositFeeSchedule": null,
  "minCharge": null,
  "maxCharge": null,
  "minDeposit": null,
  "maxDeposit": null,
  "documents": [],
  "blockchains": {},
  "liquidationBalances": {},
  "srn": "paymentmethod:PA_C93QR8QNDAV"

Wallet Orders

Wallet Orders are credit/debit card purchases or ACH transfers on Wyre's platform.

Partners that provide our Hosted Checkout or white label API experience to their end users are providing their users a way to create a wallet order through Wyre.

Whenever a Wallet Order is created the Wallet Order ID is returned to the partner to be able to track the status of an order as it goes through our engine and into the card network.