Customer Emails & Messaging

The Wyre platform notifies customers of status changes, approvals, rejections, and circumstances that require their attention via email. A description of the range of emails we dispatch to customers is defined in the table below.

Custodialized subaccounts will not, in general, receive emails. However, all other accounts may receive emails of two variations: emails which are fully and solely Wyre branded, and emails which have partner-specific customization, including the name of partner/application as well as an optional customizable link.

In the case where you want our email to open a native application on the customers phone, please use the customizable link as described below and direct the customer to a webserver you control. On this landing page, you may perform the necessary OS detection and redirect them to an appropriately schemed application-specific URI. (Please do not attempt to provide custom-schema URIs directly in the email.)

Outbound Emails

This table describes all outbound email communication from the Wyre backend. The IDs are useful for interpreting customers redirected via the partner links.

Email IdentifierDescription
account.approvedThe account has been approved for transacting
account.rejectedThe account has been rejected due to suspicion of fraud or other compliance red flags
account.disabledThe account has been disabled at the behest of its owner
account.partially-submittedA followup reminder to accounts which have not had all their required documentation submitted
account.need-attentionAttention is required by the customer to submit or re-submit more information
transfer.outgoingAn outgoing transfer has been initiated from the account
transfer.outgoing-exchangeAn outgoing transfer+exchange has been initiated from the account
transfer.outgoing-completedAn outgoing transfer has been completed successfully
transfer.outgoing-exchange-completedAn outgoing transfer+exchange has been completed successfully currency exchange has been successfully completed
transfer.withdrawal-completedA withdrawal of funds from the platform has been completed
transfer.deposit-completedAn deposit of funds to their account balance has been completed
transfer.incoming-completedFunds have been received from the blockchain or another account
transfer.outgoing-failedAn outgoing transfer has failed
transfer.outgoing-exchange-failedAn outgoing transfer+exchange has failed currency exchange has failed
transfer.withdrawal-failedA funds withdrawal has failed
transfer.deposit-failedA deposit of funds has failed
pm.activeA linked bank account or card has been activated and is now available for transacting
pm.pendingA bank account or card has been linked and is being processed
pm.rejectedA bank account or card was unable to be validated and approved for transacting

Partner Links

The partner links is a button/link included in emails sent to customers in the context of your specific Wyre partner/application. If you do not provide us with such a link, the emails contain only language notifying the customer of the state, but offer no call-to-action.

Presently, you must contact support to provide us with the link that will be embedded within these emails. We append a set of query parameters to this link to help inform your systems of the context surrounding the link.

These query parameters are as follows:

accountIdThe Wyre account ID involved. This is generally present on all links.
transferIdThe ID of the Wyre transfer which prompted the email. This will be present for all transfer.* emails
paymentMethodIdThe ID of the Wyre payment method which prompted the email. This will be present for all pm.* emails

coming soon
Indicative of the email which caused the message. This will be the email identifier from above, such as:, transfer.outgoing, etc.