On-Ramps & Off-Ramps

The world’s most powerful fiat-to-crypto bridge


Wyre provides partners with two types of on-ramps into the crypto universe with Card Processing and Bank Transfers, as well as plug-and-play widgets for a lightning-fast integration experience.

Whether you are an individual developer, a small business or a global company, a simple integration with Wyre’s Checkout Widget makes it easy for your end-users to purchase cryptocurrency with fiat, using the world’s most popular payment methods.

We take care of all of the compliance, so you can focus on building and scaling. Wyre also takes on 100% of chargeback risk from card purchases and manages all liability from fraud. All transactions are secured by Wyre’s fraud engine, allowing high purchase limits without compromising conversion rates.

We know KYC can be a headache, that's why Wyre also provides you with a fully customizable KYC verification flow. Bank transfers using Wyre's platform require KYC, but credit card purchases do not require KYC at lower limits.


Wyre also offers fiat off-ramps through our Bank Payouts system. This can be done with a variety of supported local currencies as well as paying out anywhere (non-sanctioned) via USD.

Use our Payment Methods service to tokenize user bank accounts for secure and easy reference later when you need to transact with them.

For businesses with your wallet solution, use our auto-liquidating addresses to provide convenient offramps for your users.