Wallet Order Webhooks

Get order status updates without polling

Wallet Order Webhooks are different than our Data Subscription Webhooks. Ask the Wyre Sales team to register your Wallet Order Webhook URL by providing them your accountId and the url.

Wallet Order Webhooks

You can get order status update via Webhooks by registering the Webhook (with sales team [email protected]). This configuration is per environment (test & production).





Your own internal reference id.

String, optional


Your Wyre account id.

String, required for the webhook to work.

The webhook will be called for any state change in orders which were submitted with an accountId
that has a webhook URL configured.

Wallet Order Webhook Payload

The referenceId is passed within the Wallet Order Reservation request. You decide the referenceId and use it to track your orders.

  "referenceId":"your_reference_id", // your own id passed in the order creation
   "accountId":"AAAAAAAAAAA", // your Wyre account id
   "orderId":"WO_0000000001", // the wallet order id
   "orderStatus":"PROCESSING", // the order status {PROCESSING, COMPLETE, FAILED}]
   "transferId":"TF_000000001", // OPTIONAL, available when order was completed,  the transfer id
   "failedReason":" OPTIONAL,  some string with failed reason" // if failed, there should be a reason string when possible