Transfer Callbacks

Transfer callbacks are triggered when the notifyUrl is being used within the create transfer endpoint.

When callbacks are sent

Transfer Callbacks are sent whenever an initial transaction is created.

Callback Acceptance and Retries

Your system should respond to the callback request with a 200 response. We only attempt to send the request once, but we may introduce automatic retries in the future. We can manually resend callbacks upon request.


The callback payload will be a JSON representation of the transfer id that has caused the callback to trigger. An example of such a notification can be found below:

  "subscriptionId": "DA_CJN7LL2P7ZY",
  "trigger": "transfer:TF_P6MCNQ3GWFD"

Resolve the Transfer Id

You can resolve the transfer id received from the callback to get more details about the transfer such as the current status. This is done using the Get Transfer endpoint like below.